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With an aim to do something outstanding, we decided to bring forth this difficult task of running an e-commerce website. To do something different, we made it all about jackets and outfits your favorite celebrities have donned in your favorite movies. However, what we actually wanted to do was restore the faith of the general public in online shopping which is fading with the expansion of e-commerce. We wanted to serve a platform where people could shop care-freely with no fear and reluctance. And that’s how the idea behind introducing Movies Jackets came into being.



As clichéd as it may sound, the website’s sole purpose is to satisfy its customers’ need and provide them with the best quality products no matter the hassle it might cause. Definitely, then comes earning the money which is truly secondary as it is not worth it until the customers are served right.


Following are the two most important things we feel we are brilliant at.


We produce outfits in a number of different fabrics but leather is what we generally excel at. On our website, most of the products are crafted out of different types of leather fabrics and there is a huge range of leather attires for both men and women. 


Our wonderful and intelligent team of creative designers works tirelessly hard and stitches these clothes to utter finesse to make them durable enough for you all to flaunt them for a good long time. Although these outfits are inspired by those already seen in some movies, we still allow our customers to get more details add in their favorite apparel and all hail to our team of designers which is phenomenal and standing true to the customers’ expectations. 


Contacting us is pretty easy since we provide you an opportunity to create an account on our website for free through which you can easily access our customer care support and get your queries heard across.

Free Delivery

Receiving products is made easier for you. It doesn’t matter where you live, now you can receive any order at your doorsteps within minimal time and that too, absolutely free.

24/7 Customer Support

Our skilled customer care representatives are active 24/7 to help you with your queries and respond to them within a span of 3-4 hours. The department is working on the highest standards and deals with all your inquiries with complete honesty.

30 day Easy returns

Although we make sure that the products delivered to you are free of any damage and are of the best possible quality, but in case of any inconveniences caused, you can avail our easy going Return and Exchange Policy which allows you to return your purchased product within 30 days.