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Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket Merchandise – Coats, and Leather Vests

Guardians of the Galaxy is a wonderful film series that comprises more than 6 brilliantly directed and phenomenally scripted films. Produced from the platform of Marvel, these movies are all about your favourite superheroes battling some intense and new challenges in their lives. Every movie is different from the other and Every Time you will see your favourite superheroes in these movies, you will be blown away with the amazing portrayal of the characters by the wonderfully talented cast. 

Each of the movies in the series is exceptional and is worth giving a watch for so many brilliant reasons. If you are someone not into movies or fiction but definitely into fashion, you should still give them a watch for you will be stunned by the type of amazingly stylish outwears you will get to see in these movies. All of them are so pleasing to the eyes and so we decided to replicate them all and combine them in this wonderful Guardian of The Galaxy Merchandise Shop that contains the Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket, hoodies, coats, t-shirts and costumes you would have seen your superheroes in. 

Durably stitched and finely manufactured, these classy attires are knitted to perfection using the most durable and premium quality fabrics such as cotton, fleece, satin, woolen, leather, parachute, etc. We have also made sure to line them with comfortable fabrics so your ease and levels of warmth is not compromised at all. With some of the most unique styles of collars and front closures, we have also added a good number of pockets in these attires and have added a fine shine to them to help them glow in your lives for a good long time as a good outfit.


  1. Is Guardian of the Galaxy by Marvel or DC?

It is a Marvel production. 

  1. What are these movies based on?

The Marvel superheroes. 

  1. How many movies are there in this film series?

Above 6 to be estimated. 

  1. Is this collection about coats only?

No, but we have basically assembled all sorts of outfits in these movies. 

  1. For how long can these outwears last?

If you will take care of them, they will last with you for a good long time. 

  1. How to keep them clean? Can they be washed in a washing machine?

You can keep them clean by keeping them at a safe place or wiping the dirt off with a damp cloth but don’t wash them in a machine as it can hamper the quality badly. 

  1. What fabrics are used to line the interiors of these outfits?

Parachute, viscose, Shearling, etc. 

  1. How many sizes are available in these attires?

From XS to XL, we have a range of sizes available.