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Everything To Know About The Stay Close TV Series:

Finding a perfect TV Series to binge-watch on Netflix while you eat your food or scroll through your phone is the normal routine, but amidst all the never-ending suggestions, it gets hard to find the one that could keep your interest intact from the beginning till the end. But what if we tell you that Movie Jackets have that golden suggestion that won’t let you keep your eyes off-screen? Yes, you have read it right, and it is none other than the earlier released mini–TV Series Stay Close, available now on Netflix.

However, since we have picked the series as the finest recommendation of the season, our spectrum goes beyond the plot, i.e., the characters’ wardrobe; hence, the discussion on what you will find in the Stay Close Outfits collection is just about to pop up. But before we go there, how about we let you briefly explain the plot, cast, and other factors to keep your interest in one place?! Hence, let’s not wait anymore and begin right away!

The Plot

Stay Close follows three people, Megan, a working mother; Ray, a former documentary photographer stuck on a job of clicking rich kids, and Broome, a detective who’s all puzzled by a case from the past. Although the three characters do seem to have a perfect life, as the show progresses, they seem to keep their dark secrets concealed from everyone. However, everything turns upside down when an old friend from Megan’s past decides to show up in the three people’s lives and deliver news that could affect their upcoming lives. Hence, amidst the chaos and a sudden burden from the past, what will happen? Stream the show to find out!

The Cast

Famous for being in CBS’ The Good Wife and its sequel, The Good Fight, the actress Cush Jumbo plays the leading character, Megan, living peacefully in the present, but her past catches up with her and changes everything.

The actor Richard Armitage plays the character Ray, who now has a similar paparazzi life. However, something happened when he was seventeen, and he can’t remember it now. You might recognize the actor from The Hobbit trilogy.

James Nesbitt plays a police officer, Broome, who is trying to solve a missing person case. Recognizing James Nesbitt is pretty easy as he’s one of the UK’s most prominent stars. Still, the audience might recognize the actor from Bloodlands, Line of Duty, and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy.

Other than these three, the main cast of Stay Close also includes Daniel Francis as Dave Shaw, Bethany Antonia as Kayleigh Shaw, Jo Joyner as Erin Cartwright, Sarah Parish as Lorraine, and many others.

Stay Close Outfits

Now that we are done briefing you with the plot and cast of the Stay Close TV Series, it is time to talk about the anticipated outfits collection, which you can explore and buy within just a few clicks.

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If you aren’t aware of what’s better than a trench coat and a leather jacket, we have just the perfect additional suggestion that you could choose if you’re not a fan of earlier mentioned options, i.e., cotton jackets! Always preferred for their ever-green charm and fashion perfection, get the article now!