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7 Rings Jacket

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8 Ball Pink Leather Bomber Jacket

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8 Ball Pink Leather Hooded Jacket

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Anthony Anderson Black-ish Varsity Jacket

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Carmen Sandiego S03 Red Coat

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Cassie The Flight Attendant Coat

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Catherine The Great Elle Fanning Pink Cloak

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Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing Michelle Lansing Red Coat

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Dua Lipa Fever Red Jacket

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Emily in Paris Lily Collins Pink Coat

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Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them Alison Sudol Coat

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Holidate Sloane Checkered Plaid Coat

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Declare Your Love For Fashion By Treating Yourself With The Best Valentine’s Day Sales Of 2021!

The new year has just begun, but Valentine’s Day bells are already ringing for all the lovers, and after a whole year of up-downs, it’s time for you to enjoy and make the most out of this year’s Valentine’s Day Sale. But before you do that, how about a little tour to knowing the background of this most lovable day? Thus, keep reading till the end, because you’re about to get some thrilling information about Valentine’s Day! 

First thing first, what is the basic history of Valentine’s Day? 

From being a happy feast to being the symbol of love for friends & family, and making people happy for just being a holiday, Valentine’s Day has undergone multiple changes throughout the whole history. However, if someone asks ‘what exactly is a Valentine’s Day,’ things can be a bit messed up. 

Valentine’s Day history goes back to the story of a catholic priest St. Valentine, situated in Rome in the 3rd century. The legend has it, during that time, Emperor Claudius II wasn’t in favor of Christians and their sudden popularity. Thus, he restricted his Roman soldiers from marrying. But, St. Valentine’s was all about giving and receiving love; hence, he continued getting everyone married secretly. When Claudius II received this news, he ordered to imprison and kill St. Valentine right away. Before being executed, Valentine sent a letter to the jailer’s daughter 9after bringing back her sight) and wrote ‘from your valentine.’ From then till today, almost everyone around the world celebrates Valentine’s Day to declare their love for someone special. 

How did people start celebrating this day? 

After 200 years of St. Valentine’s death, Catholics took over and started stamping out the remaining paganism. According to their rules, a feast ritual was held on every year’s 14th Feb to proclaim Valentine’s Day. 

But it was a poet, Chaucer, who started linking love with Valentine’s Day; hence, the traditions changed, and there are no restrictions to how you would want to celebrate 14th February today. 

Be it a dinner with someone you love, or buying Valentine’s Gift for Her/Him, or just a fun hangout with friends, it doesn’t matter. Some people hate it; some love it; it depends on how you want it to go! 

When’s Valentine’s Day this year? 

Every year on 14th February this day occurs. Last year, it was on Friday (14th Feb), and this year, it will be on Sunday (14th Feb). So, save the date, and if you’re thinking of a bigger picture, then next year it will be on Monday (14th Feb). 

If you’re thinking big, here’s what you can get in Best Valentine’s Day Deals of 2021!  

Apart from declaring love for each other, don’t forget to pull off your sensational dressing game. To help you with that, we’ve started the most-awaited Valentine’s Day Sale on most of the luxurious fashion apparel that’ll transition your Valentine’s Day into a whole nother level. 

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