13 Reasons Why Hoodie

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Product Description :

  • Exterior: wool.
  • Interior: inner viscose lining 
  • Collar: attached hoodie
  • Closure: pullover style
  • Cuffs: rib knitted 
  • Sleeves: long 
  • Pockets: two side pockets 
  • Color: maroon

Clay Jensen Dylan Minnette Maroon 13 Reasons Why Hoodie

The thrilling series written by Jay Asher became a major hit on Netflix as it widely grasped the attention of all the teenagers seeking a well written drama and loads of suspense to keep them on their toes throughout the show. The TV show is about a charming girl named Hannah Baker who ends her life and leaves a set of 13 tapes for her friends to describe all the chaos she was going through in her life. Although this show is considered controversial but still manages to attract mass viewership through it’s enticing storyline. 

In the show the main lead is Clay Jensen played by Dylan Minette who is an introverted kid at the school and has no business in the high school drama but all that changes when he meets Hannah Baker and stumbles upon the world of intense drama.

All the fans really dig his casual sense of style so we had to make this hoodie available for you all which brings instant comfort. 

The 13 Reasons Why Hoodie is constructed through soft wooly material and an inner viscose lining to keep you easy going and warm at all times, the moisture wicking material used in the hoodie makes it breathable for you to wear it.  Apart from the perfect material being used we also gave this hoodie an amazing style through some essential features. It contains an attached hoodie and a pullover style closure keeping you all covered. The sleeves are long with rib knitted cuffs and also have two side pockets to keep your hands warm.


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