AEW Goldust Coat

$229.00 $169.00

  • real leather
  • inner viscose lining
  • red and black colour
  • sleeveless
  • hooded collars
  • studded, printed
  • zipped up front

All Elite Wrestling Goldust Dustin Rhodes Red and Black Coat

AEW is a breath of fresh air in North American wrestling, offering fantastic wrestling, emotional moments, and a good presentation. WWE, while fantastic in presentation and production, did put the same effort into booking and creativity.

The Goldust Coat is absolutely true to the image. And the quality is incredibly impressive. The whole AEW Goldust Coat design is done delicately. From the AEW Goldust Coat material to the studded print. It is built from real leather with an inner viscose lining. It’s in the exact same black and red color. It’s sleeveless with hooded collars and zipped up the front.


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