Amae Vagrant Queen Jacket

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  • real leather
  • inner viscose lining
  • erect collars
  • unique frontage
  • full sleeves
  • zippered cuffs

Alex Mcgregor Green Slimfit Leather Vagrant Queen Amae Jacket

the current science fiction show that you can easily access on Syfy and was released in March this year. The show is about three people running away to a galaxy where they are caught up in some dangerous adventures.

The gorgeous Alex McGrager also stars in the show as the stunning and beautiful Amae who is a stunner and looks super pretty in this exquisite and classy green jacket that we have tried replicating for the fans. 

Manufactured out of premium quality and 100% real leather fabric, this utterly slim fitted yet easy-to-wear Vagrant Queen Jacket has a thin lining of viscose inside of it attracting a great amount of ease, comfort, and warmth for you all day long. Dark green and light green in color, the jacket has stand-up style collars, full-length fitting sleeves with zippered cuffs, and a unique and quality front closure with a dandy finish. 


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