Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Wings Jacket

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  • Material: pvc material
  • Inner: soft viscose lining
  • Color: transparent color
  • Fine stitching
  • Front: zippered closure
  • Collar: classic style collar
  • Sleeves: three quarter length sleeves

Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Margot Robbie PVC Jacket

Harley Quinn is the most crazy female character that has ever been created in the history of female character. The growth of Harley’s character was really a demotion for normal people, but Joker the Jerk manipulated her to give up her career and follow the path of Lunacy. Before meeting Joaquin Phoenix or as we know him the JOKER, Harley was a well known Psychiatrist but somehow because Joker was intriguing and mysterious, he sucked her into the crazy world. In Birfs Of Prey, Harley is seen fed up of Joker’s tactics and the way he treats Harlet so she has taken a break from the togetherness and joined the good girls party, roaming the streets of Gotham with the Huntress, Montoya and Black Canary. She is on a mission to save a little girl from the pits of evil in the city of Gotham.

In all this if you think Harley has lost her crazy you are indefinitely wrong, the time apart from Joker has turned her not just into a slop but to a complete lunatic, through all this Harley did not lose her Flair of cool and crazy dressing. In the movie she has been seen wearing PVC costume which is in so much demand because people are literal fans of Harley but also because it can be the best Halloween costume of the History for the girls who wanna add Drama and Flair to themselves. It is a simple plastic Birds of Prey Jacket with underside lined with viscose material to absorb the heat. It has a zip at the front for closing the Birds of Prey Jacket. At the shoulders a lot of pompom style frilly stripes are hanged for a dramatic edge. It has a classic styled collar with three quartered sleeves. As it is PVC it has no color.

Let’s take a look over some quotes said by Harley the crazy Quinn:

*That’s my boy! -Harley.

*I mean, really, he is the perfect child for the busy career woman: Low maintenance. No sleep deprivation. They don’t live long enough to borrow the car.

*Me and my Mr. J, we would have had such beautiful children – my green eyes and his green hair.

*The city is gonna pay for what they did to my sweet Mr. J.

*How did you break my hypnosis spell on you?

*Just goes to show you, never send a business man to do a psychopath’s job.

*Take your men and go find my baby. Shouldn’t be too difficult- just follow the mayhem.


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