Black Widow 2020 Yelena Belova Vest

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Product Specifications:

  • External Material: Cotton
  • Internal Material: Viscose lining
  • Collar: Snap tab collar
  • Closure: Zipper closure
  • Pockets: Two side zipper pockets.
  • Color: Black & Green

Yelena Belova Black Widow 2020 Florence Pugh Vest

Black widow is one of the longest known female characters of the Marvel series. Born and separated immediately from her family Natasha isn’t the result of love. She is a result of power, possession, angst, and fire. She is an assassin and will do anything to get what she wants. Yelena Belova is the old pre-modern era Yelena Belova Vest and as Natasha Yelena too had a beautiful classy personality she was often seen wearing her usual clothing.

The Black Widow 2020 Vest is made up of soft but pure quality cotton with an internal viscose lining. It also had a snap tab collar and the front was closed by a zipper. It is black in color.

3 reviews for Black Widow 2020 Yelena Belova Vest

  1. Jessica

    Never have I ever thought of getting this one anywhere. Glad to have found it on your page. I won’t lie, like at first, I was worried about being scammed but I also wanted to own this so bad that I placed my order immediately. Turned out way better than expected.

  2. Michelle

    Vests are my new obsession and this one just caught my eye immediately! Thank you Movies Jackets for delivering a perfect parcel which I absolutely adore!

  3. Natalie

    The vest’s stitching, fabric’s quality, color, details, everything is spot on and I could not be more happy with the way my order has just turned out. 😊

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