Cobra Kai Black Uniform

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Karate Kid Cobra Kai Black Uniform

Cobra Kai is the karate series is the returning sequel of the most popular movie, The Karate Kid. It has a worldwide fanbase. Cobra Kai has managed to regain them all. We know all children and teenagers whose this movie was favorite. Returning to this movie would be exciting. For you, we have introduced the Cobra Cai Collection. The famous Karate Kid Cobra Kai Uniform was worn by the Karate Kid! This is the absolute same replica with the same design uniform. The difference is that we made it from top-notch quality! It a classic black uniform with yellow zippered closure. It’s a sleeveless uniform made from fleece.

Also, it has a picture of cobra kai. It comes along with a trouser made from the softest material. You’ll love it. It is a whole suite with comfy trousers. The trouser is really cool, it has many logos like of a punch, peace logo, USA flag, and a lion as well. Undoubtedly, your child would love this beautiful and intricately crafted Karate Kid Cobra Kai Uniform.


Trouser, Waist 32", Waist 34", Waist 36", Waist 38", Waist 40", Waist 42", Waist 44", Waist 46"


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