Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai Leather Jacket

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Samurai Grey Bomber Leather Cyberpunk 2077  Jacket

This Cyberpunk 2077 predicted to have huge success as it is starring Keanu with an amazing back story. Keanu Reeves is one of the most handsome, kind and respectable men of the industry.

It is rumoured that he has recently found love as you already know Keanu even in real life wears dynamic clothes but his attire is so finely designed and thus we have brought you this Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket you can see in the picture.


  • Real/Faux Leather
  • Stand Up Collar
  • Front open closure
  • Rib Knit cuffs
  • Two inside pockets
  • Grey

The Samurai Bomber Jacket is made up of leather you can select between real and faux. It has a short standup collar. The sleeves are long with rib knit cuffs, the waistline too has a rib knitting. It has cool patterns on its front and sleeves. The front is open styled. It is available in creamy brown colour.

FAQs About Cyberpunk 2077

Do you have more colours in this?

These are the only two available colours.

Who is Keanu Reeves?

He is a famous actor from John Wick.

Is the material used in the making of the jacket durable?

Yes, 100% durable and sturdy material is used.

15 reviews for Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai Leather Jacket

  1. Kevin Brian

    Absolutely loved it. This jacket is seriously a blessing in disguise for me as even when I can’t decide what to wear, this jacket is always there to make my looks adorable as usual. Happy with both the price and the jacket.

  2. Taylor Red

    Washing this jacket is absolutely possible. I’d spilled some red wine on it, so I washed it and dried it on 15 degrees. The jacket turned out to be just fine. But still I would suggest not to wash this jacket again and again as I don’t know much about leather.

  3. Graeme Banton

    My brother considers this jacket significantly exceptional and that too more than me. Although this is my property but my little bro is always wearing it. I guess that’s the advantage of having the same size between siblings but why I can only my lil bro take advantage of this fact and not me!?

  4. J.Rowling

    Apart from delivery, everything was fine. The delivery was really really disappointing and I’m really not satisfied with it. But the jacket is of the highest standard possible and is of A1 quality. perfect for any winter season.

  5. Ross Broad

    Ever since going to the gym, my body has significantly increased both in terms of mass and build. So mistakenly I ordered a M size jacket whereas a large size one now fits me properly. I was staggered with the size and I thought that all of my money has gone to waste. But thankfully, the customer service here is pretty amazing as they exchanged it with the right size. They did took some days to exchange it but did it for free which’s quite an exceptional thing. Happy with the customer support provided here!

  6. David Silva

    Hola amigos! I’m David from Spain. Got the jacket just yesterday. It’s such a tremendous jacket. In my opinion the jacket is really really cheap in terms of being a leather jacket, here the price of leather jackets are so high so I guess my decision was right to get the jacket from here. Both quality and price wise, the jacket is up to the mark which I was looking for.

  7. James Waren

    As some of the other reviews suggested, I ordered this jacket a size larger because I believed it might run too small. I actually had to return the medium I got and reorder it in small. This jacket absolutely fits true to size so don’t make the mistake I did. the small fits perfectly.) Pretty true to size. The body is roomy without being too big, the sleeves fit slim but not tight, and the shoulders are wide enough to accommodate a muscular/fit build. It’s also worth noting that both the inner and outer pockets are extremely spacious.

  8. Luke Graham

    Its a higher quality than I expected. I’ve had faux leather jackets before but this one is my new favorite. The outer faux leather seems durable enough and the jacket is lined with a fuzzy material which makes this jacket warm enough for cold weather but still breathable. Also the zippers seem sturdy which is a major plus.

  9. Kyle

    Its very sharp. I personally really like this jacket. So far it has been my daily wear at university, but I assume the style is not for everyone. I’d say just judge for yourself based on the review images.

  10. Christen

    A+ This jacket is definitely a steal. I was very impressed by the shipping speed as well.

  11. Daniel

    with Cyberpunk 20777 being finally released, nothing could top the feeling of getting this jacket right now. And I’m glad to be MJ’s customer cause they fire and keep their promise of perfect free shipping reliable! 😉

  12. Michelle

    Loved this jacket in my parcel today, it had all the mentioned features, the fabric is of pretty good quality as well, and I love this color on me! Thanks to Movie Jackets for keeping everything perfect!

  13. Jamie

    I needed this iconic jacket for quite a long time and thanks to the recommended site, I finally managed to get my hands on one! The jacket is just as marvelous as it has been portrayed in the picture.

  14. Cameron

    The jacket’s fabric, stitching, colors, details, everything is just on point, and to be honest, I could not have asked for any better services than this! Thanks, Movies Jackets! 👌

  15. Harper

    Honestly, I did not expect my parcel to arrive this early let alone the perfect features, excellent stitching, and colors,,, I am glad that I placed my order here! 🤩

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