Elida Vagrant Queen Vest

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  • real leather
  • inner viscose lining
  • black colour
  • maroon collars
  • sleeveless
  • zipped up frontage

Adriyan Rae Vagrant Queen Elida Vest

One of the ongoing shows on Syfy these days is the perfectly scripted Vagrant Queen which is a science fiction show that will take you to a dangerous galaxy with three people and will show you some crazy adventures in the Galaxy. 

Adrian Rae stars in the show as one of the three main people and of course the protagonist of the show who is playing the interesting character of Elida looking super bold and stunning in this eminent quality vest. 

This contemporary Vagrant Queen Vest is created carefully out of supreme quality leather fabric which ensures that the wearer is at great comfort with the help of the sleek inner lining of viscose. Glossy abd shiny back in colour, this sleeveless its has maroon collars, an asymmetrical zippered up front closure and a classy slim fit.


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