Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Red Jacket

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  • Material: Satin Material
  • Four safe pockets
  • Comfortable viscose lining
  • The shiny “Joker’s Property” logo at the back
  • Sleeves: Rib knit cuffs
  • Colors: Red Blue and Golden

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Suicide Squad Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Satin Jacket for Sale

Harley was a well known Psychiatrist but somehow because Joker was intriguing and mysterious, he sucked her into the crazy world.

We can write a whole thesis over this particular character and it still won’t be enough and complete.  Margot Robbie has so finely and gracefully presented the character of Harley in the movie that no one even remembers the Harley from any of the movies before. She is the perfect combination of cute and crazy who is obsessed with her man. The man who has sucked her into the mess in the first place she was an easy going woman pursuing her career she took a 360° turn and morphed into this completely different and crazy woman.

You’ll see her saying so much random stuff to people she couldn’t fight in suicide squad, she might be beaten but she is never beat. She always and always make an amazing entry. Some of the few dialogue of

Harley are as follows:

She is cute:
*That’s my boy! -Harley.
A little sarcastic:
*I mean, really, he is the perfect child for the busy career woman: Low maintenance. No sleep deprivation. They don’t live long enough to borrow the car.

A little obsessed with her man
*Me and my Mr. J, we would have had such beautiful children – my green eyes and his green hair.

A little revengeful
*The city is gonna pay for what they did to my sweet Mr. J.
Oh so curious
*How did you break my hypnosis spell on you?
Always right:
*Just goes to show you, never send a business man to do a psychopath’s job.
And bossy as hell:
*Take your men and go find my baby. Shouldn’t be too difficult- just follow the mayhem.

One of the Harley Quinn Jacket Harley wore is what we have brought in this article. The Harley Quinn Jacket is made up of satin material, the collar is short rib knitted and stand style. The sleeves are long with rib knitted cuffs. The front has a zip styled cuff. The inside is lined with viscose cloth. *Joker’s property* is written at the back in golden. The Harley Quinn Jacket is a mix of golden, blue and red.

1 review for Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Red Jacket

  1. Linda

    I gifted this Jacket to my Mother and he absolutely loved it, the quality is the best, would highly recommend it.

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