Joker Joaquin Phoenix Vest

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Product Specifications:

  • Inspired by Joaquin Phoenix
  • Material: velvet
  • Inner: Viscose
  • Front: Button style front closure
  • Collar: V-neckline collar
  • Pockets: Inside pockets
  • Color: Yellow

Joker Movie 2019 Joaquin Phoenix Yellow Arthur Fleck Vest

Joker is an American psychological thriller film that stars Joaquin Phoenix as a joker. The skilled actor masterly and talentedly deals with the highly tricky character of Arthur Fleck who dives into the world of crimes due to the irrational and disregarded behavior of people. The film gives a moral message how the life of one’s can be destroyed by the unnecessary criticism of others. In one of the scenes, he spotted Joker Jaoquin Phoenix Vest, and spectators crushed on it and hooked up the audience with its trouble-free features. Refreshing attire is easily wearable with traditional or soft colors to look at a man who has a classic sense of fashion.

Joker Movie 2019 Jaoquin Phoenix Yellow Arthur Fleck Vest finalized with velvet fabric. It brings vintage vibes with a sleeveless design. The button on the front looks lovely and lively for closure. V-neckline collar and inside pockets finalized the shape. Internal coziness is a gift of viscose fabric.


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