Karate Kid Cobra Kai Bathrobe

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Karate Kid Cobra Kai Bathrobe

Cobra Kai, the entire movie was a smash and hot. This show is inspired by the masterpiece iconic movie of all time, Karate Kid. People absolutely love the writing and are thrilled to see the original cast come back to reprise their former roles. This show is a great example of a successful way to bring back a cult favorite.

This Karate Kid Kobra Kai Bathrobe is of a black microfiber material that is soft to the touch and wear. Along with a soft exterior, we also have a comfortable layer of inner viscose lining. Due to such soothing materials, it will be great after a hot bath and also for relaxing in the evenings. There are intrusively done embroidered details which include a large Cobra Kai logo on the back and a smaller fist logo on the front. You will also find yellow intricate detailing in the sleeves, pockets, and along the front giving it style and elegance.


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