Marlboro Man Denim Jacket

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Wild West Black Marlboro Man Denim Jacket

Marlboro Man Denim Jacket Marlboro Man was a figure who was used for running tobacco campaign advertisements for Marlboro cigarettes in the USA. Leo Burnett was the first Marlboro Man. He was shown as a cowboy who promoted the use of tobacco. They got so famous that their clothing line started. We indeed have their Wild West Black Marlboro Man Denim Jacket. It’s available here at the finest quality. Denim has been famous for so long! It is such classy black denim. With shirt style collar, buttoned closure. It has semi-loosed sleeves with buttoned cuffs. Moreover, it also has two chest pockets to keep your valuables safe. Do you know what is the coolest part? Marlboro Man is printed on the back! Only its shading giving it a really chic style.


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