Monsterland Puffer Vest

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Product Specifications:

  •  Inspired by Dumebi Egbufor
  •  Garment type: Parachute material
  •  Inner fabric: Viscose lining
  •  Front: Zipper fastening front closure
  •  Collar: Bristling style collar
  •  Color: Beige


D. Dumebi Egbufor TV Series Monsterland Newscaster Puffer Vest

Monsterland Beige Puffer Vest holds a great spark and sunshine like quality because it takes from your mesmerizing horror drama television series Monsterland deals with the moral and physical decay of civilization. Fashion and perfection mingled together to get something stunning and bold. Dumebi Egbufor supports this vest and her skills directly entered the heart of her fans.

Synthetic parachute fabric is used to fabricate Dumebi Egbufor TV series Monsterland Newscaster Puffer Jacket internally covered with viscose lining for warmth and snug sensation. The sleeveless design is not only alluring but sizzling and red-hot too. This chic style vest has a zipper fastening front closure with a bristling collar fully fixed around the neck. Beige color enriches this vest with beauty and grace. Puffs between the stitching filled with polyester padding to make it more beneficial and modish. Side waist pockets are the part of the vest.


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