Avengers Endgame Rocket Raccoon Cotton Vest

$139.00 $99.00



Product Specifications:

  • Cotton
  • Viscose Lining
  • Blue
  • Erect Collar
  • Front Zip Closure

Rocket Raccoon Avengers Endgame Tactical Army Cotton Vest

Rocket Raccoon deserves to be praised as well. Rocket’s CGI is just as flawless as it was in Vol. 1, and the character himself is fleshed out a little more. Rocket turns out to be fearful of intimacy due to past trauma of his own, and it makes his feuding with Quill more engrossing to watch. Rocket also turns out to have a great dynamic with Yondu, as they’re both the designated jackasses of the Guardians franchise.  We are well aware of the fact he has a lot of fans and finds him too cute. We are now selling his famous vest which he technically wore in the whole movie. 

The entire Rocket Raccoon Vest design and color is based on what you see on the screen. The exact replica is made with perfection. It’s available in blue color with an erect collar and front zip closure. The whole gear is pure excellence.


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