Sonic the Hedgehog Cap

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  • Premium quality fabric
  • neat stitching
  • black colour
  • extended frontal area
  • big Sonic Logo


Sonic the Hedgehog Blue & Black Cap

Sonic The Hedgehog is an upcoming science fiction film that is all set to introduce your favourite childhood character from you even more favourite game in a very different world where along with his human best friend Tom, he tries to come to terms with all the challenges being thrown at him. 

The small blue alien character is inspiration personified. If you are a fan, you definitely need to let everybody know about that and for that we are bringing you this Sonic The Hedgehog Cap for you to wear in summers and in winters if you are bald. 

The Sonic the Hedgehog Cap is made out of soft and lightweight fabric neatly stitched into this fitting cap which is durable enough to last with you for a good long time. Black in colour, the cap has an area extending out of its front to keep all the harmful sun rays away from you. The big Sonic Logo stitched on the front is the ultimate and the most adorable highlight of this apparel.



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