Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Vol 2 Jacket


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Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt 2 Star Lord Jacket

When Thanos arrived on Titan, the heroes nearly succeeded in wresting away his Infinity Gauntlet, and all the Infinity Stones it contained, until Quill learned that Thanos had killed Gamora. Unable to control his anger, Quill’s reckless fury inadvertently destroyed the heroes’ chance of incapacitating the tyrant, who was able to gain control of Strange’s stone, and departed for Earth.

Product Specifications:

  • External: Real/Faux Leather
  • Front Closure
  • Four safe pockets
  • Special designing on sleeves and shoulders
  • Colors: Maroon and red

STAR LORD or Quill is the character portrayed by Chris Pratt, as you already must have seen his appearance he has a dashing personality and whatever role he plays he champions and outshines it from Star Lord Jacket.

Some of the famous dialogues by the character are as follows:

He is witty and totally sarcastic
Oh, I’m Sorry. I Don’t Know How This Machine Works

A little confused What Should We Do Next? Something Good, Something Bad? Bit Of Both?
A whole lot straight forward Let’s Talk About This Plan Of Yours. I Think It’s Good, Except It Sucks
A little irony Don’t Call Us Plucky. We Don’t Know What It Means
All this brings us to the product we have brought you:

The Star Lord Jacket has two kinds you can either get it in real or faux leather. It has long sleeves with special designing and adjustable belted cuffs. The collar is short stand style. One of the shoulder has a strip. The front has zipper for fastening but it also has flap which hides the zipper. There are four pockets, two at breast and two are welted waist pockets. It is maroon and black colour.

Frequently asked questions:

Is Guardians of the galaxy a part of Marvel story?

You can not say, a part, more like a spinoff.

Who is Peter Quill?

Peter Quill is the leading character who was abducted in childhood.

Is this jacket durable?



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