Avenger Endgame Led Light Infinity Gauntlet

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Product Specifications:

  • PVC
  • No Lining
  • Brown
  • One Piece
  • LED Light

Thanos LED Avenger Endgame Light Infinity Gauntlet

A movie that will be remembered for ages and undoubtedly the greatest film by Marvel that was released last year, Avengers Endgame is something that united all the superhero fans across the world for the right reasons.

The Thanos Gauntlet which is basically the sole reason behind a lot of wars between the Avengers and the Thanos is here for the fans on our website.

Made see strikingly out of premium quality polyvinyl chloride, this one-piece glove-like ensemble has no inner lining and is beautifully brown in color. Thanos Gauntlet’s piece is the exact look-alike of the original and has lead light placed on it to depict the infinity stones quite perfectly.


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