The 100 Bellamy Blake Black Jacket

$189.00 $109.00



Product Specifications:
• Cotton Material
• Internal Viscose Lining
• Black
• Stand-up Collar
• Front Zipper Closure

The 100 Season 5 Bob Morley Bellamy Blake Jacket

An American web television series that was aired in 2014 and is still running successfully with its 7 binge-watching worthy seasons, The 100 is a time travel show that will take you 97 years after a nuclear conflict has destroyed a civilization. One of the key characters of the show is Bellamy Blake who is a strong protagonist played exceptionally well by the amazingly talented Bob Morley who’s character gets pretty much defined with this dapper jacket. 

We have manufactured this amazing Bellamy Blake Jacket out of 100% pure and real cotton fabric that together with viscose stitched inside brings a smoothly comfortable and warm experience to you. Black in color and with rugged collars, this attire has stand up style small collars, a zipped up fine front closure and spacious pockets that will secure a lot of your belongings with ease.


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