The Flash Season 5 Gridlock Jacket

$229.00 $149.00



  • real leather
  • inner viscose lining
  • black colour
  • full sleeves
  • zippered cuffs
  • zipped up front
  • strapped buttoned collars
  • spacious pockets

The Flash Season 5 Gridlock Daniel Cudmore Black Leather Jacket

The Flash is a wonderfully written and finely acted superhero web television series by the amazing people at DC featuring the iconic The Flash who is a scientist turned speedy superhero because of a lightning that once struck him. 

However the antagonist of the show is equally worth watching who is William Lang also known as Gridlock played by the versatile Daniel Cudmore channelling this finely stitched and gorgeous looking an absolute king.

Manufactured out of pure and genuine leather fabric, this exotic black jacket has an inner lining of moisture repellant viscose ensuring great amount of comfort and ease for your with strapped buttoned collars, full length sleeves with zippered cuffs and a fine zipped up front closure. With enough pockets to store your belongings and a glossy shine radiating out of it, this The Flash Season 5 Gridlock Jacket is a must have for sure.


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