Dark Knight Rises Bane Vest

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Product Specifications:

  • Men’s military vest
  • Faux Leather
  • Front zip closure
  • Two stylish belts along the waistline
  • Fastening straps from shoulders to waistline
  • Studded waistline at the back
  • Military designing at the back

Tom Hardy The Dark Knight Rises Batman Bane Leather Vest

The famous and vibrant outfits always win every single person’s heart. However, they are in the form of jackets, coats, costumes, or vests. These outfits always rule the heart of people. For this time with new thinking, Movie Jacket is here with another famous good-looking Tom Hardy bane Vest. Moreover, this vest is not only famous but can give you great vibes whenever you wear it.

The Dark Knight Rises is a new action thriller American movie that casts astonishing actors and actresses in it. Furthermore, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and many other prominent personalities portray great roles in their character in the film. Among them, Tom Hardy is playing the amazing role of Bane in this astonishing movie. However, he is a wonderful English actor, screenwriter, producer, and formal model.

Tom Hardy always acquire the heart of his fans with his amazing acting skills and fashion sense. However, the outfits which he wears on the screen gain love from the people. His outfits are vibrant and astonishing which is why he was very famous among all generations. Furthermore, Movie Jacket is here to provide you with your favorite famous celebrities’ outfits in which Bane’s vest is highly included.

So let’s start with the detailed specification of this breathtaking vest. However, this vest is available in a real and synthetic leather material with an amazing military-style design. Its astonishing green color also provides you with a patriotic feel whenever you have it. Moreover, it is a sleeveless vest that will definitely comfort you and has a front zipper closure.

This Dark Knight Rises Bane Jacket comes up with two stylish belts along the waistline and also has fastening straps from the shoulders to the waistline. However, this vest even has a studded waistline and military design at the back. If you are a die heart fan of this movie, then this Bane Vest is an outfit that you must have to buy.


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