Venom Logo Black T-Shirt

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Product Specification:

  • Cotton Material
  • Venom Logo
  • Black

Mens Venom Logo Black T-Shirt

How would you react if we say that a guy working in an extremely experimental laboratory has accidentally created himself as a monster. Venom is an unknown threat, it doesn’t belong to our Earth and is a very curious specie. It is a symbiont and needs a prey or a host body to survive. The Venom T-Shirt is after a woman, the lead of the movie was trying to help the lady escape the vicinity when he accidentally gets infected by the venom. Venom is attacking humans as humans respite through oxygen and the venom needs oxygen to survive.

You’ll see a bit of spiderman action in the movie too. In this article we have  brought to you a plain t shirt. Nothing too glamorous, it’s a plain Venom T-Shirt to wear casually. It is available in black color, at front it has a white coloured spider made, which is the venom logo. It is made from cotton material and it has half sleeves.


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