Bloodshot Vin Diesel Vest

$139.00 $89.00

Product Specification:

• Material: PU Leather
• Internal: Soft Viscose Lining
• Color: White
• Collar: Neckline Sewed
• Frontage: Closed Front

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Ray Garrison Bloodshot Vin Diesel PU Leather Vest

Imagine losing a family and yourself to a murder. Vicious I know! Ray Garison is a mariner who’s family and him are assassinated by some people. A group of scientist were working on how to revive dead people and they tried it on Ray which was successful and he reborns. Ray, at first doesnt remember much or anything from his past life, but when he does all he wants to do is avenge his beautiful wife.

As he is a revived human to maintain a correct body temperature he is made to wear Bloodshot Leather Vest which we have brought here. It is made from PU leather, it is available in white colour. It has a round at the chest as a logo. It does not have sleeve seeing as it is a Bloodshot Vest.



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