Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Jacket

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Product Specification:

  • Last Few Left In Stock
  • External: Wool Blend Fabric
  • Internal: Smooth Cotton Lining
  • Closure: Ancient Style Wooden Button Closure:
  • Pockets: Two Hand Pockets on each side of the waist.
  • Color: Blue
  • Style: Hooded Overcoat

Yellowstone Season 3 Kelly Reilly Blanket Blue Beth Dutton Coat

Coming from the genre of the neo-western which is created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. Moreover, Yellowstone was written by Taylor Sheridan and was officially released on June 20, 2018, to date.

Super gorgeous and talented English actress Kelly Reilly is seen playing the character role of Beth Dutton on the screens of Yellowstone. Meanwhile, she is seen styling herself up in this top-notch jacket.

As manufactured out of a wool blend fabric which gives a great exterior to this Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Coat. The internal smooth cotton lining is made to give the utmost softness to the wearer in the winter season. Other highlighted features of this winter wear consist of Ancient Style Wooden Button Closure, Two Hand Pockets on each side of the waist, Style is Hooded Overcoat which gives a complementary look to this super-gorgeous blue colored jacket.


26 reviews for Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Jacket

  1. Jeremy Reagan

    This wool poncho has become my favorite. firstly, i was reluctant to purchase online but i am very happy with the outfit and have placed two more orders. Definitely 5/5 for me

  2. Duranda Davis

    Very happy to receive my parcel. The color,stitching and quality of the product fulfilled my requirements and i am 100% satisfied.

  3. Rue de Francis

    I am so much interested in trendy jackets collection.
    I decided to give this company a try. And bought this my all-time favourite kelly’s jacket. This stuff is S-U-P-E-RRR AMAZING ??, and design is totally chic ❤?

  4. Amalia Zendya

    My experience with this Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Jacket is so stunning. The sensational blend of outer wool with soft cotton inner lining is out of the box. It’s quite comfortable for the winter season.

  5. Call me Olive

    Beth Dutton is such a fashion goddess and i only want to look like her in my life. Thanks to movie jackets for making my dream come true. I was looking for this jacket everywhere! Quality is beyond perfection, have even posted multiple photos in it too and all my friends are surprised. I 100% recommend shopping from this website.

  6. Sophie Martin

    This was my first ever experience of ordering something online and i’m not disappointed at all! The smoothest delivery with a high-quality jacket is what i’ve just witnessed. Being the Yellowstone series was number 1 on my list and now ordering from here will always be my no 2. Stitching, design everything was worthy of the price.

  7. Cynthia B.

    The only thing i did after watching Kelly wearing this was searched the web, found this site, and placed my order. Little did i know, within only 3 days i got my parcel in 10/10 condition. It just seems like the original one and i couldn’t be much happier. Not only me, but my whole Yellowstone gang is going to get this now!

  8. livv

    Beth is my inspiration. Her dressing, outfits, style i love everything about her and ordering this jacket was just a dream. Got it today and i can say my dream has finally come true. :’)

  9. Deb

    Hooded jacket and that even inspired by Beth Dutton? Hell yeah. Ordered this last week and i must say the site is my new station for ordering online clothes. I even suggest everyone this now

  10. Eva

    I simply can’t get over the Yellowstone series and Beth Dutton’s remarkable fashion outfits. I ordered this blue poncho from here and loved the way it turned out IRL! 😍

  11. Karen

    Yellowstone and Beth, still a better iconic duo than twilight! lol and what’s much better than this duo? Movie Jacket’s promising and fastest online delivery. wish you guys had physical stores tho cause I’d love to visit them! still a good job!

  12. Martha

    Love this Jacket <3

  13. Georgia

    Loved watching Yellowstone & Beth of course. MJ has sent me a perfect parcel containing this jacket, the quality’s great, colors are beautiful, stitching is perfect, and I can’t wait to order again.

  14. Sasha

    Beth is one of my favorite characters from the show Yellowstone series. Her remarkable performance aside, I really want to own her closet. Luckily had the chance to avail this jacket for winter and it is heaven. Loved the style, material, and stitching quality. Will order again.

  15. Ariel

    I’ve been watching this show for years and couldn’t help myself from noticing and ordering all of the outfits, including this, which I just love! Thanks, Movie Jackets for being the best!

  16. Ainsley

    Just received my parcel, 3 days after placing the order, and I love the colors, fabric’s quality, stitching, everything is so on point, and Movie Jackets deserves 5 stars for this!

  17. Aspen

    Being someone who doesn’t prefer online shopping much, Movie Jackets changed my mind when they sent a perfect parcel within 3 days, with no errors, and a discount that I really loved.

  18. Blake

    Beth Dutton is what I aspire to be and her fashion sense is just iconic! I ordered this jacket 3 days ago, got it this morning, everything that I wanted is there! Loved the service. 🤩

  19. Blair

    Not everyone knows how to satisfy their customers by delivering perfect parcels, except Movie Jackets! This site is just amazing and I’ve been ordering multiple times from here, love the service, always!

  20. Cameron

    I was searching for this jacket but couldn’t find it anywhere, except here and that too at such an incredible price that I ordered it instantly and after receiving my parcel today, I’ve never felt so good about my instincts before! 👌

  21. Carson

    It was my 3rd order from this site & I can’t help but admire the amazing high-quality shipping standard, exceptional products, amazing discounts, and 24/7 customer service that updates about everything! This jacket was worth ordering!

  22. Casey

    I was skeptical about this jacket being an online order at first, but after getting my package today, I’ve been admiring the fabric, colors, stitching, and all the mentioned features! Good job.

  23. Dallas

    It’s always a treat ordering from here. I loved the jacket and all its features. Thanks for an amazing experience. 🙂

  24. Danishe

    Loved my parcel of this jacket from here! Easy 5 stars. 🙂

  25. Shaliene

    The minute I saw this on the screen, I came here and ordered it immediately. Next thing, I get this package within 4 days and love everything about it. 😀

  26. suseen GUTHRIE (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning!! Perfect fit!! As close as you are going to get for sure! My mom is going to love it, thank you so much!

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